You might be asking  yourself what in the world is GMO”s?  Well I  will try to explain as best as I can what Genetically Modified Organism   are & why I am not down with  this ” technology”. Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is a radical new technology that blast genes of certain plants, animals & bacteria into a seed to produce a plant that would need less pesticides. For example They would take a genome from an animal & plant, then blast it into a wheat, soybean, corn seed.  Biotechnology is in a sense playing god, mutating perfect fine seeds. Simply for profit, they are also willing polluting organic  seeds with mutated seeds from the wind carrying the seed into a neighboring organic farm.  These GMO crops are supposed to be as nutritious as regular crops Yet, the FDA never even tested the safety or nutritional value of GMO’s. Here is some more in-depth info.  The crops that are being grown (GMO) are Corn, Soybean (which soy is in most foods products we eat) Wheat, Rice, Sugar beets, Canola, and more new GMO  crops are popping up everyday.  If you have never heard of Monsanto, I advise you too just google it.  You will find some very disturbing info on the company Monsanto. They are  the company that produce agent orange,  roundup, plastics.  Now ask yourself if you would want the same company that create agent orange  to mutate & modify your food. GMO’s are not the answer to end hunger, they have been around since the late 90’s. There hasn’t been a decline but an increase in world hunger.  There is so much info coming out about how dangerous this engineering is to our environment. Here are some good sites to get started.

Now I will tell you why I’m not down with GMO’s!!!!

1. This technology is genetic pollution of our earth’s biodiversity.

2. Monsanto is an evil company, That owns patents on living things. Which in my opinion living things shouldn’t be able to be patented by anyone.

3. The FDA,USDA &EPA only require the company to submit research, they do not run test themselves before saying it is safe for human consumption.

4. The Farmer’s that buy from Monsanto are forced to buy seed every year and cannot save seed.( IT is considered property of Monsanto)

5. The Farmers have to spray twice as much pesticides on the crops, which just adds to the over polluted planet.


 I will leave you with a quote that I came up with, which explains why we don’t need science to engineer food.

Mother Nature has the right tools not science.


                                                                                                 ❤ Earthymomma